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Reach was founded in May, 2005 to design and develop IP-based access control systems. The company is privately funded.

The founders and engineering team behind the company's flagship product, the Reach ACS, have diverse backgrounds in security, software development, consumer products, and information technologies.

Reach's mission is to realize the benefits of the convergence of physical and IT security for small and large organizations and for the dealers and integrators that supply and service them.

Reach believes that the convergence of physical and IT security will transform the entire security industry and as such, offers great opportunities for those that can deliver to the marketplace, the benefits that this convergence promises.

Reach further believes that it is not enough to build products that simply provide better features and value to end-users. But that it is necessary to design products that enable the companies that install, maintain, service and support these products to grow, thrive and succeed.

To that end, Reach has worked closely with end-users and systems integrators during every phase of the development process to design a product and develop a business model that serves all of the relevant stakeholders. For end-users that includes security personnel, IT staff, human resource professionals and management. For dealers and integrators, it includes installers, salesmen, central station monitors, and training and support staff.

Reach has made an ongoing commitment to this product development philosophy and firmly believes that it is critical to its own ongoing success.

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