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Guaranteeing data integrity is at the core of what we do.  The ReachNet servers reside in locked cages within a secure co-location facility.  This world-class facility is an environmentally controlled and closely monitored site with 24/7/365 security guards, closed-circuit video and alarm monitoring, and redundant power feeds to ensure continuous operation during power failures.  The facility uses state-of-the-art fire suppression and laser smoke detection systems.  Reliability and security are maintained at a level such that local phone service and 911 calls are routed through this facility.

Reach Systems maintains multiple, redundant servers at this facility in order to guarantee that customersí mission critical access control system capabilities are always on.  Located in guarded server rooms, Reach Systems guarantees the highest level of physical security for customersí access control system data.  Finally, automated daily backups of system data guarantee the integrity and availability of all system data through almost any foreseeable interruption or failure.

Benefits of Hosted Service

Hosted System:

  • Manage your own access control system anytime via the ReachNet browser-based interface

  • Significantly smaller investments on IT staff, software, and hardware; ReachNet installed on-site

 Multiple Redundant Servers: 

  • Multiple servers guarantee that data is always available

  • No risk of client-side server failures

Secure Server Rooms: 

  • No exposure to theft of sensitive access control data or loss of expensive server hardware

  • Our co-locationís secure, guarded server rooms and cages protect your data 24/7

Database Backups and System Monitoring:

  • Reach performs daily database backups and regular system monitoring

  • Reduce IT staff and hardware budget

Real-time credential verification, event logging to database: 

  • All events logged to the database in real-time and are immediately available for queries and reporting

  • User credentials verified locally at the door or over the network

User schedule/permission updates to door controllers:

  • Regular downloads sent to each door controller with all local user schedules and permissions

  • Ensures local verification and updated stand-alone memory capability in the event of network/power failure

Software updates and upgrades: 

  • No local software installation; regular software updates are made to ReachNet on and ongoing basis

  • New features and enhancements with no additional costs


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