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The Reach Access Control System (ACS) is a keyless entry solution that is delivered as a web-hosted service. The system connects intelligent IP Controllers (Panels), via the open Internet to deliver a low cost, secure, enterprise class access control system, ideally suited to meet the needs of organizations with geographically dispersed locations. The Reach ACS provides a convenient and cost-effective solution for organizations that want the benefits of comprehensive multi-site access control, without the up-front investment in computer hardware and software, or the ongoing cost for their IT staff to maintain it. With the Reach ACS, organizations can take control of access to their facilities, making them more secure, while reducing IT costs.



Convenient, Web-based interface that allows remote management
Reach ACS utilizes standard Internet communications protocols, and can be deployed using the facilityís existing Wi-Fi or Ethernet infrastructure. User enrollment and system administration are performed through a browser-based interface to ReachNet via the Internet. Users have the ability to customize and remotely monitor access to their facility, remotely unlock doors, receive custom reports and notifications of when their facility is being accessed, or perform any other system function through the web browser interface.

Hosted and Highly Secure
ReachNet is hosted at a high-security data center. Located in guarded server rooms, Reach Systems guarantees the highest level of physical and data security for customersí access control system data. The facility is environmentally controlled and closely monitored with closed-circuit video and alarm monitoring, and redundant power feeds to ensure continuous operation during power failures.  The facility also uses state-of-the-art fire suppression and laser smoke detection systems.

ReachNet is built on an Oracle database that is massively scalable.  At the smallest scale, ReachNet can be deployed to manage an access control system comprised of a single door at a single location.  From there, you can grow to hundreds of locations and thousands of doors yet the Reach ACS remains cost effective because it does not require any on-site servers or software.

Easy to Install, Cost-Effective to Maintain
Since ReachNet is hosted remotely, there is no up front investment in computer hardware and software. Because of this architecture, youíll never need your IT department to reconfigure a server, back up your access control database, or upgrade an operating system. This hosted model provides a cost-effective solution for organizations that want the benefits of comprehensive access control management software without the overhead costs of a traditional ACS solution. A primary benefit of a remote hosted solution is all users can access the full functionality of the ACS software application including continual upgrades with no annual software maintenance charges.

Robust with High Availability
Reach ACS is designed for fault-tolerant operation. Even if the network fails, each access point continues to operate and all access events are recorded by the Reach IP Controllerís local database and uploaded to the ReachNet server once network communications have been reestablished, preserving the integrity of all audits.

Reach maintains multiple, redundant servers in order to guarantee that customersí critical access control system capabilities are always accessible.  Automated daily backups of system data guarantee the integrity and availability of all system data through almost any interruption or failure. Reach guarantees 99.9% uptime.

Secure Communications
While on a LAN connected to the internet, the Reach IP Controller only requires outbound Internet Access. Data and communications security is critical to maintaining the integrity of the Reach ACS. All communications to and from the ReachNet server are protected by 256-bit AES encryption, and through the use of the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol.  SSL provides endpoint authentication and communications privacy over the Internet using cryptography, allowing client/server applications like ReachNet to communicate in a way that prevents eavesdropping, tampering, and message forgery.

Real-Time Operations
When an access credential is presented at the door, the IP Controller makes the decision locally, in real time, whether to let the user into the facility.  Each event at an access point triggers a communication to the ReachNet server to report the event.  In this way, administrators can monitor all facilities in real-time, gaining situational awareness of user activity throughout the organization.

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