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ReachNet is the system management application through which users manage the Reach ACS. ReachNet resides in a secure data center and communicates with IP Controllers over the Internet. It is comprised of a database, a software module that communicates with the IP Controllers, and web applications that implement the browser interface to the ReachNet database. For reliability, ReachNet is built on an enterprise class Oracle database and utilizes open source software and operating systems wherever possible. ReachNet is designed to be highly scalable and because there is no on-site software to install, it can be deployed cost effectively for a single door access system or for an enterprise-wide system that spans the globe.

All user interaction with ReachNet takes place through a standard web browser, so users may log into the system over the Internet from anywhere in the world and perform any function for which they are authorized.



Tracking & Monitoring from a Central Station
ReachNet communicates real-time access exceptions to popular central station automation programs so that monitored access can be offered alongside traditional alarm and video monitoring. The central station operator gains full situational awareness of alerts/exceptions and reduces the number of false alarms caused by user error.





Any event, created by a user at a door, an administrator on ReachNet or a system/network interruption can trigger a notification.  Notifications can be customized for each user application and can be sent via email or text message.





All system data and access events are recorded and stored in the ReachNet database and can be accessed to generate an endless variety of reports.  The system includes a set of default queries to create common reports like event logs for access points, employee access logs, summary of employee permissions and others.  In addition, users can create custom reports configuring simple “who”, “what”, “where” and “when” search filters to create instant, professional reports. Reports can be printed or downloaded as an Excel spreadsheet. The reporting feature is extremely powerful and able to generate an overview report of all activity at a facility, or drill down to show the access activity of one employee or one access point within a specific date and time range. 

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