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Ongoing support from your Managed Services Provider, as well as lifetime, automatic upgrades
Unlike traditional access control systems, you choose who manages your system, through a Reach Systems Managed Services Provider. Your Managed Services Provider offers you a full spectrum of support services, including system administration, after hours monitoring, reporting, along with automatic upgrades and updates for the lifetime of the system. 

Easily manage your system anytime and anywhere, so you can decrease IT costs
Managing the Reach Access Control System doesn’t require access control knowledge, extensive training or support from your IT department. Whether you’re at another location, at the corporate office, or even on the road, ReachNet is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, anywhere you have internet access.  

Tiered access lets you give your field offices the ability to customize and monitor access to their own office
Regional branches can customize their own accounts to manage the days and times authorized personnel can enter their own office, including holidays and customized calendar schedules. Field offices can limit access to certain rooms in their suite to protect important documents or expensive equipment. They can access their own account to monitor and customize it, while you have the ability to remotely view the access activity of every branch on the same account. 

Remotely protect the safety of your regional offices and their staff 
Receive automated emails and instant text message notifications on your cell phone or PDA in the event of an intrusion, suspicious activity, or even if anyone accesses any branch after-hours or on holidays. Run daily, weekly, or monthly custom reports filtered by branch, door, time, employee, etc. Monitor the activity of all branches in the same account on a single screen. 

Manage turnover and eliminate re-keying hassles and costs 
For each field office, when an employee leaves the company, or a new employee joins the staff, you can easily add, delete, or modify their privileges with a few mouse clicks. If the person in charge of opening and locking up the office forgets their access card, you can automatically and remotely unlock the office

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