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The current economic environment has seen many businesses closing their doors, while many more are drastically cutting expenses wherever they can. As a result, property owners are seeing their lease revenue diminish due to a high inventory of available properties.

This is why many property owners are looking for new tenant services to increase their revenue from existing clients and to attract new tenants. Security is critical for business owners and not something they will compromise on. As a property owner, you have the opportunity to provide increase security for your tenants with an Access Control System that will differentiate your property, resulting in higher lease value.

In addition, you can reduce your operating costs by installing an electronic access control system for tenants that eliminates your key management and re-keying costs while increasing your control over who has access to your properties.

Do you have many vacant spaces?

Are your tenants Healthcare Professionals or Legal Professionals?

Do you have high turnover costs?

Are you able to provide reliable and secure access to shared tenant spaces?

Do you have monitoring capabilities and control over after-hours access to your properties?

Do you own multiple properties over a wide geographical area?

If your current physical security measures are not able to help you deal with all of these situations then it is time to consider a physical Access Control solution, for increased security, safety and potential new sources of revenue.

Control and management of a large number of changing tenants across multiple sites demands a centrally managed system to meet your security needs while controlling costs. Current practices rely on centrally administered key management, which is cumbersome, costly, and provides weak physical security. At the same time, many of your tenants need and want that same level of security at an affordable cost.

To achieve the highest level of physical security for your properties and for your tenants’ individual leaseholds an Access Control System (ACS) is required.

Reach Systems is a keyless entry, access control system uniquely designed for environments where there is limited IT infrastructure and limited IT staff. The combination of Reach's unique architecture and integration with Assa Abloy's wireless electronic locks enables property owners to increase security and increase lease value with a significantly reduced investment compared to traditional access control implementations.

The Reach ACS is an integrated solution with Assa Abloy’s Sargent v.S2 locks including ReachNet, a web-based management application. All user interaction with ReachNet takes place through a standard web browser, so authorized users may login to the system over the Internet from anywhere, anytime. ReachNet is built on an enterprise class Oracle database and utilizes open source software and operating systems wherever possible. ReachNet is designed to be highly scalable and because there is no on-site software to install, it can be deployed cost effectively for a single door access system or for an enterprise-wide system that spans the globe.

Reach enterprise ACS features include:

  • Role Based access to ReachNet
  • Remote enrollment of employees
  • Remote termination of access permissions
  • Automated Notifications based on specified events
  • Automated Reporting based on specified events
  • Scheduling of doors and users
  • Real-time monitoring of all remote sites

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