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Increase your security and manage all of your facilities wherever they are and wherever you are. All you need is an Internet connection!

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As a retailer, you are challenged with providing your customers a safe, clean, and aesthetic environment to shop in.
Your store must also be safe for your employees, who arriving before and leave after store hours to prepare the store for the following shopping day. You must protect your employees by not putting them in potentially dangerous situations waiting for managers to arrive in order to gain access to a locked store or restricted egress due to locked entrances/exits in case of fire or other unexpected emergencies that require a quick exit.   

In addition to this, you also need to protect your store assets from employee theft because unfortunately it accounts for a whopping 44% of all retail losses according to Dr. Richard Hollinger, a Criminology Professor at the University of Florida.

Generally high employee turnover rates complicate the problem of ensuring that only authorized people have access to your stores and other assets. If you have multiple outlets and a workforce that works across those multiple locations the problems get even more difficult to manage.

Are your current physical security measures able to provide the adequate protection against these threats and potential liabilities?

Are you relying on managers arriving on time to let employees into a secured environment?

Do you have a way to remotely provide access to your store if a manager fails to show up on time?

Do you have an easy way to monitor when your stores were opened by their managers?

Are you keeping the back door locked during operational hours and is that compliant with local fire codes?

How do you protect your assets from shrinkage?

If your current physical security measures are not able to help you deal with all of these situations then it is time to consider a physical Access Control solution, for increased security, safety and accountability.
Reach Systems is a keyless entry, access control system uniquely designed for retail environments where there is limited IT infrastructure and limited IT staff. The combination of Reach’s unique architecture and integration with Assa Abloy’s wireless electronic locks enables retailers to increase security and get in compliance with federal mandates at a significantly reduced investment compared to traditional access control implementations.

The Reach ACS is an integrated solution with Assa Abloy’s Sargent v.S2 locks including ReachNet, a web-based management application. All user interaction with ReachNet takes place through a standard web browser, so authorized users may login to the system over the Internet from anywhere, anytime. ReachNet is built on an enterprise class Oracle database and utilizes open source software and operating systems wherever possible. ReachNet is designed to be highly scalable and because there is no on-site software to install, it can be deployed cost effectively for a single door access system or for an enterprise-wide system that spans the globe.

Reach enterprise ACS features include:

  • Role Based access to ReachNet
  • Remote enrollment of employees
  • Remote termination of access permissions
  • Automated Notifications based on specified events
  • Automated Reporting based on specified events
  • Scheduling of doors and users
  • Real-time monitoring of all remote sites

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