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Key Features

  • No local DVR required
  • Supports Axis Communications' network cameras including PTZ Zoom models
  • Plug-and-play installation on any IP network
  • Easily provision and manage cameras using the ReachNet web-based software platform
  • Fully integrated with the Reach Access Control System
  • Trigger a video recording from any access control event or motion detected by the camera
  • Live view of any camera, plus automatic video recording and archiving
  • Video clips delivered via reports, email notifications, and real-time event monitoring

Reach's Managed Services Partners can now offer an integrated access control and video monitoring solution managed through the ReachNet web-based software platform. End Users benefit from being able to deploy an integrated access control and video surveillance solution without having to invest in any new IT infrastructure, DVRs, or software, significantly reducing the cost of installation and deployment. As with all access control data, video clips are encrypted, archived, and stored at Reach's secure data center as part of its complete hosted security service.

You have full control over which access or motion events trigger a video recording, along with the recording size per clip. This way you can see what happened immediately before and after a specific event. Since you decide which video clips are important to retain, network bandwidth can be preserved for other vital business functions.

Central station operators, security integrators, and end users can perform video surveillance and remote monitoring by viewing video across multiple accounts simply by logging into ReachNet. You can pull up a live view of any camera and use the snapshot, record, stop, pause, and play functionality. To view stored video corresponding to any access control event, simply click on the video link on any monitoring screen, within a report, or in an email notification. You can even download video clips from the server and save them to your desktop.

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